Coexist: Book of Faiths

Coexist: The Story of Faiths, is an interactive, digital book that takes children on a journey through the top five most practiced religions in the world. This hands on experience offers an exciting way for parents and their child to learn more about other belief systems while practicing tolerance and objectivity.

To do this a ten topic model is put in place so that religions are easily compares while also offering a holistic view of the belief system. While the main goal is to educate, Coexist also implicates a layer of fun and play so that the child feels more engaged which will then lead to better understanding and possible discussion with the parent.


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Growing Trend

In the last decade Americans have undergone a drastic change in their beliefs and ideals. Many people have taken on modern views concerning sex, race, and gender that have affected their opinions and values.

This shift away from more traditional views on these subjects has manifested itself through a simultaneous shift in religious behaviors. A recent study done in 2014 showed that 23% of Americans reported themselves as disaffiliated from their religion – for various reasons, and this number is on the rise.


Proposed Solution

To break this cycle of forcing children into a belief system, education lends as a solution to exposing children to religious options while also making them aware of what others believe.

Teaching children about faiths is not only a way to allow them to discover for themselves what they would like to believe but aiding in the following areas as well.


Evangelist Targets

A child can become an easy target for evangelists of other faiths if a child lacks the tools to understand and evaluate the beliefs they are hearing.

Fear & Ignorance

If a child does not understand a religion this may cause fear. Fear then has the opportunity to evolve into ignorance if they do not become educated on what those people actually believe.

A Piece of Culture

Whether you are pious or not, religion is a large portion of many people’s culture. We can not truly understand one another’s culture if we don’t understand their religion.

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Branding Attributes

Throughout Coexist’s identity geometry and color are the two main aspects that lend to the playfulness and childlike feel of the brand as a whole.

The visual mark symbolizes an image of the earth that alsoresembles a depiction of the sky. This representation ofthe world and a “heaven” like symbol embodies the idea ofpeople and faiths coming together as one.


The Application


Choose a religion

Users have a choice of exploring Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.


Track your progress

As parent and child move through a religion their progress is marked to show what they’ve accomplished.


Decide your path

Checkpoints allow the users to choose the sequence in which they want to learn about the faith.


Dive into topics

Each category has it’s own unique screens that help children visualize and learn more about that topic.


Coexist: The Overview

The Demo



Concept Book


What’s Next?