Unity Infusions

Unity Infusions was a conceptual branding and packaging project focused on taking a current brand (Market District) and creating a sub product that could promote social change.

The Mission

We’re Unity Infusions and we make tea. But we don’t just stick to the ordinary flavors, we seek out the exotic. With each cup you will fi nd yourself swirling between an unexpected combination of opposite tastes uniting as one.

A cup of tea is not only a healthy choice but represents the love and warmth that we can extend to one another. Unity infusions believes that caring for yourself and your neighbor is the key to a thriving community.



Branding Attributes

Unity Infusions utilizes bright bold colors to energize their customers with each cup of tea. Each tea product brings together two individual flavors to create a harmonies taste that is an unexpected combination.

With each tea, a unique quote is written on each tea bag to inspire the customer to donate and/or help the cause towards bettering food desserts. The characters included on each tea have their own set of branding elements that create a playful feel throughout all products. The brands purpose is not only to bring awareness to food desserts, but to also encourage neighborly actions throughout the community.