Ikove Startup Nursery

Ikove Startup Nursery is a venture development company founded to pursue early-stage investments with an emphasis on technology commercialization in the Midwest. Ikove acts as a startup studio to its 10+ companies that collaborate with the Ikove team to develop their ideas into businesses.

As the Creative Manager at Ikove my role is to lead the creative team on all new company branding, marketing and public relation efforts.


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Brand Refresh

When I first joined the team it became apparent to me that Ikove’s brand wasn’t identifying the company in the way they wanted. To give their look a refresh I took the original small seedling element and developed an emblem that could be used as a more identifiable mark. 

When discussing with the partners about the mission of Ikove they explained that “Ikove” means growth in a S. American indigenous language. To push this idea further through branding elements I revised the color palette to have punches of natural greens and updated the companies photography assets as well.  

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With the brand refresh, we realized the website needed an update as well. Before the site focused on talking about the overall structure of Ikove and lacked the company focus they were trying to promote.

When designing the new site we decided to focus on these key attributes:

  • Promote and feature portfolio companies

  •  Personalize the site to fit our brand while also exhibiting our companies brands as well 

  • Simplify our brand structure for consumer understanding

  • Update the way people engage with our team and news



New Office Space

In 2018 Ikove and its companies started to grow we realized we outlived our old one room space. As creative director I was given the floorpan of our new space and asked to create an office that encapsulated our brand and also our needs as a growing business and team.


Ikove Marketing Pieces